The Master Deal Maker – Monty Hall

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If Daytime fans were polled for the names of the most recognizable emcees or hosts, Monty Hall, would clearly be at the top of the list. Monty made his first appearance as a host on television in “The Little Revue,” and since then he seems to have moved seamlessly between the roles of Host and Executive Producer with ease. When asked what are the greatest challenges he faced while taking on both titles at the same time, Monty remarked, “When you are both the executive producer and the host, no one can tell you what to do! As an executive producer, you can tell a host who works for you what to do, but it’s very dangerous giving advice from one host to another.”

From a panelist on “Hollywood Squares” to sitcoms such as “That 70’s Show” or as a voice actor on programs like “American Dragon: Jake Long,” Monty has portrayed himself no less than 75 times. We asked what kind of preparation is required, if any, when the character IS Monty Hall?” Monty offered “Playing myself on any comedy or dramatic show is easy to do, but I never really wanted to play myself because it didn’t give me the opportunity to get into a character.”

Monty is the father of Tony Award winner Joanna Gleason, television writer/director Sharon Hall, Emmy® Award winner television writer/director Richard Hall and is married to Emmy winner, Marilyn Hall. We were curious as to what advise he gave to his children, upon hearing that they were entering the industry of entertainment? Monty responded, “We never encouraged nor discouraged our children from going into the entertainment industry; our advice was, “Do your best!”

Monty has been Inducted into the American TV Game Show Hall of Fame, been awarded the Order of Canada and received the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Lifetime Achievement EMMY® Award, among numerous other acknowledgments.

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