Television Remains America’s Favorite Way to View Their Sports

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In this modern world of continually advancing technology and new devices that Americans have come to rely on, the majority of U.S. adults polled, still say that they watch sports on their television (60% according to Adweek) while fewer than one in ten say they watch on a desktop or laptop computer (8%), smart-phone (3%) or tablet computer (2%).  Only 6% say they watch games live, preferring to attend the games in person.  While baseball will always be the great American past-time and football fans follow their teams religiously, with the Superbowl as their Easter celebration, the holy grail remains The Olympic Games.  According to the National Olympic Committee, an outstanding 3.2 billion out of a possible 3.5 billion viewers watch the television coverage of the Olympics.  The Olympic tradition began some 3,000 years ago in ancient Greece as a celebration of religion, culture and ultimate athletic prowess.  Kings would race side by side with common men, when the prize was not a golden medal, but that a simple wreath.  Daytime television has played a huge part in the development of the modern games of today, covering the traditions of pageantry, athleticism, gripping drama and fierce competition on what has become the greatest stage displaying the pursuit of excellence by the human race.