REX SMITH from “As The World Turns” talks egos, fans and ad-libbing

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Daytime fans will always have a place in their hearts for the character of Darryl Crawford from “As The World Turns,” played by the already established theatre success and teen idol sensation, Rex Smith. We caught up with Rex during a very hectic schedule to get an accurate account of his experience on “ATWT.”

NATAS: You appeared on ATWT in 1990 and became an instant heart throb to Daytime fans everywhere. How does that realization hit you when it happens?

RS: I was Darryl Crawford from 90-93. I was what they called a ‘front burner’ and worked five days a week, thirty plus pages of dialogue a day. I found being on a Soap was different than any other form of show business as people out in the world really believed you were that character. I would be jogging in Central Park, and people would yell,” Hey Darryl! Why are you so mean to your wife?”

NATAS: You have successfully navigated just about every aspect of work on camera, from numerous TV movies and hit series, as well as feature films. Looking back, is there an experience, while working in Daytime that stands out as a particularly memorable or defining moment in your career?

RS: Truthfully, I found Daytime to be to acting what going to the driving range is to playing golf. Many of the actors had more ego than talent, and I was happy to be a free agent again with other opportunities to explore.

NATAS: You have also had a extremely active theatre career. Did your Daytime training offer any additional insight for continued work on stage?

RS: I had a lot of theater experience before I performed in Daytime. I enjoyed the demands of 50 pages shot in a day. They used to save me for the end of the day so that we did not go into overtime. They called me ‘one take Smith’ as I would do everything I could to keep a scene going, even if the other actor forgot a line I would ad-lib until they got on track.

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