The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) is seeking a President to serve as chief administrative officer of the NATAS national operation, headquartered in New York, New York.

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The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) is seeking a President to serve as chief administrative officer of the NATAS national operation, headquartered in New York, New York.

NATAS was founded in 1955. The organization presents the Emmy Award for work in broadcasting. NATAS also presents college scholarships and maintains professional development programs for its members.

The office in New York is the national center of operations for 19 regional chapters across the United States.

This is the NATAS mission statement: “We foster and reward excellence in visual media. To that end we set the standards of creativity, innovation and integrity and honor through peer recognition of those who incorporate them into their work”.


            The President of NATAS will be the head of National office administration.
Staff Administration
            Oversee and manage all national office operations including staff (including
            establishing processes for hiring (with oversight from Board), budget
            planning process and management of annual budget, interoffice
            communications as well as communications with regional chapters, and
            national awards programming, including Daytime, News and Documentary,
            Sports, Craft and Tech Emmy Awards programs.
            Understand applicable rules, regulations and laws, review conformity at
            NATAS, and apply to NATAS organization
            Update policies as required from time to time in response to Board and to
            applicable laws, rules and regulations.
            Maintain at minimum weekly staff meetings to review projects and
            operations and ensure staff on target with their projects
            Oversee internal and external communications among Executive Committee
            members, Trustees, Chapters, and outside parties. This includes website
            and social media outlets
Awards Program Production
            Negotiate contracts and other agreements with outside parties, e.g., for
            awards shows and Trustee meetings
            Manage and safeguard all legal trademarks
            Oversee and manage annual budget and maintain monthly reporting documents;
            Oversee and manage activities of finance manager
            Develop appropriate policies and procedures appropriate for audit and
            review for NATAS philanthropic organization
            Ensure clear communication with Treasurer, Board, and Chair of the Finance Committee

            Oversee marketing of NATAS and all national awards programs, including
            procurement and fulfillment of sponsorships and development of new
            revenue streams
            Protect and uphold the NATAS brand

            The President of NATAS will work cooperatively with the Executive Committee and take
            direction from it. The President reports to the Chairman of NATAS.
Executive Committee
            Attend monthly meetings/conference calls and maintain minutes of those meetings
            Report monthly during Executive Committee meeting/conference call on significant office
            operations, chapter relations, and outside partnerships
Board Committee Chairs
            Maintain cooperative and clear communications with all committee chairs
            Work cooperatively with and support committee chairs
            Build and support direct relationships between board committees and staff members
            Maintain cooperative relationships with Trustees
            Make available resources and information on request
            Plan and administer bi-annual Trustees Meetings, including hotel accommodations, dinners,
            and business meetings
            Gather and prepare committee reports for Trustees Meetings
            Encourage and support collaboration and cooperation among our regional chapters and
            the national office

            The President of NATAS will support and maintain our relationship with ATAS,
            our partners in the Emmy copyright.
            Continue talks with ATAS executives, both professional and elected,
            to improve our relationship
            Build and maintain a relationship with President of ATAS
            Work closely with ATAS on partnerships for events.
            Work closely with ATAS on contract negotiations for all mutually presented events
Revenue Streams
            Develop new and mutually beneficial revenue streams with ATAS

            The President of NATAS will engage and maintain relationships with
            industry executives and professional members of the organization, including:
            Leadership across the broadcasting community
            Donors, particularly scholarship donors

This position will require travel. It can require weekend work. It is an exempt position and requires no less than 40 hours per week. Interpersonal skills are important as are prior management roles successfully undertaken. The position requires a person capable of envisioning and designing future business growth as well as managing day-to-day operations and issues.

In addition to submitting a resume, the proposed candidate should also include a brief written statement (no more than 400 words) about his/her vision for the future of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Academy and how that vision might be realized.

The salary range for this position is between $175,000- $185,000. At the end of the fiscal year, the Board of Trustees may give a bonus at its discretion.

The starting date for this position is August 2014.

All submissions and inquiries are to be sent electronically to the NATAS President Search Committee at: