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The Future of Television on the Internet is Featured Topic at US IPv6 Summit in Reston, Virginia

Santa Monica, CA (December 5, 2005) IPv6 Summit, Inc. (OTC: INFN), announced today that the future of TV broadcasting over the Internet (IPTV) will be a major focus in a keynote address by Mr. Peter Price, the President of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, at the US IPv6 Summit Conference in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston, VA, from 6-9 December.

TV-over-Internet (also called IPTV or streaming video) has been a major news item lately, with most major broadcasters and film studios announcing initiatives to start delivering content over the Internet. Worldwide TV-over-Internet service revenue is expected to grow to over $44 billion by 2009, with almost 54 million subscribers, according to a new report by Infonetics Research. How the New Internet can facilitate this future growth is a major topic at the Conference. “The New Internet” is the informal name of Internet Protocol version 6, the massive Internet upgrade that is slated to replace today’s predominant version 4 (IPv4), in use since 1973. The switch to the new format has been widely supported in Europe and Asia, and was recently mandated for the US military and Federal Government.

“TV via the Internet and IPv6 were – quite literally – made for each other,” according to Alex Lightman, CEO of IPv6 Summit. “One of the major design goals of IPv6 was to better handle streaming video, something the original Internet was never intended for. The new IPv6 format can greatly increase the quality of the picture seen by the viewer, and decrease the content owner’s cost of delivering it. The combination of IPv6 technology and the availability of broadband will enable business models that will eventually change the face of television and of the Internet.”

An indication of the future is the establishment by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences of a new Emmy, to be awarded to winning content delivered via new media, including phones, computers, and devices like the video iPod and PlayStation Portable, as was recently announced by Academy President and CEO Mr. Peter Price. “We are honored to have Mr. Price as a Keynote Speaker, and applaud the Academy’s leadership and vision for the future in promoting content for new media,” noted Mr. Lightman.

Other speakers will include Mr. Mark Bayliss, CEO of Visual Link, who will discuss the technology aspects of TV over the Internet, and will demonstrate how the new IPv6 format increases quality of service while decreasing costs. He will be joined by other executives from Internet Service Providers and telecommunications companies, who will discuss the state of the market and the upcoming trend to so-called “triple play” services, where voice, Internet service and TV will all be provided via Internet Protocol.

Conference presentations will feature top industry, military and government executives and analysts, including Admiral Edmund J. Giambastiani, Jr., Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Hon. Tom Davis, Chairman of the Government Reform Committee; Dr. Linton Wells, former Asst. Secretary of Defense (NII) and CIO of the DoD; Major General Marilyn Quagliotti, Vice Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency; Major General Dennis Moran, Vice Director for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems (J6), OJCS; Dr. Gerald Alphonse, President of the US IEEE; Dr. Peter Freeman, Asst. Director of the National Science Foundation; Mr. Jeffrey Harris, EVP of Lockheed Martin; Glenn Schlarman, Chief of the Information Policy Technology Branch of the Office of Management and Budget (which is leading the transition of the Federal Government to IPv6); Commander Mark Harvey, Chief of the DoD IPv6 Transition Office (which is leading the transition of the military to IPv6); and Dr. Lawrence Roberts, one of the original “Fathers of the Internet” and CEO of Anagran.

The Summit will demonstrate how IPv6 is a critical enabling technology for many “dual-use” services (for both entertainment and government applications) such as TV-over-IP, networked security systems with advanced smart displays, and powerline connectivity. Sponsors include:

Juniper Networks, Spirent Federal Systems, Panasonic, Lucent Technologies, NTT Communications, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Agilent Technologies, Anagran, Lockheed Martin, Foundry Networks, the IPv6 Promotion Council of Japan, and Charmed Technology.

More information on the Summit, as well as the opportunity to register online, are available

About IPv6 Summit, Inc.

IPv6 Summit, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of, Inc. (OTC: INFN), a leader focused exclusively on Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), also known as the New Internet. organizes world-class conferences and offers training and consulting related to IPv6 for government and commercial customers, especially IT and wireless departments. The Company is dedicated to providing a broad range of services and products for the New Internet, as well as supporting an international forum for advancing the knowledge, development and implementation of New Internet technologies, applications and policies. IPv6 Summit, Inc. organized the successful IPv6 Summits in San Diego (June, 2003), Arlington (Dec., 2003), Santa Monica (June, 2004) and Reston (Dec., 2004), the Coalition Summit for IPv6 in May, 2005 (which attracted delegates from 30 countries), and IPv6 events in cooperation with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest trade show in North America. For more information, see and

IPv6, also known as The New Internet, is a major upgrade to the existing Internet (Internet Protocol version 4, in service since 1973), and supports always-on security, high-quality video-over-Internet and other important new features. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently mandated IPv6 for use by the US Federal Government, joining the US Department of Defense, which has already started transitioning to the new format. Details of the New Internet are available at’s websites, and

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