My particular role was neither bold nor beautiful – Tippi Hedren

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As the only actress to have worked with both directors, Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin, it was considered a “Bold” move for the glamorous screen legend, Tippi Hedren, when she accepted the role of Helen Maclaine on “The Bold & The Beautiful” in 1990.  Ms. Hedren had built a career on perfecting the image of a regal woman of means in films such as “Marnie” and “A Countess From Hong Kong.”

When asked if she held an anxiety, fear or “terror” of stepping off the silver screen to appear on a daytime drama, Ms. Hedren responds, “No, I’m fearless by nature.  In fact, I was excited about being part of a show I was devoted to watching.  My memories of the segment I experienced on the daytime show, “The Bold and The Beautiful,” were just that … beautiful,” says Ms. Hedren. “After being an actress, in a plethora of films over the years, I was thrilled to be asked to perform in the very popular daytime drama.  While meeting the Producers and Director of the show, it was explained to me that the storyline was about the sexual abuse of children.  My husband would be played actor John Brandon and my son by Todd McKee.  One of the most powerful aspects of the “Bold and the Beautiful,” to me was the fact that within the basic high fashion business with all the glamour, beautiful actors, over the top chic designs, powerful relationships, sexual obsessions, power driven executives and those who are determined to take over those high positions, is the fact B&B takes on social issues in our lives. They tackled alcoholism, dealing with death, divorce, heartbreak, the homeless, mental issues, etc. giving all of us an education dramatized in the sexiest, most glamorous, sometimes surprising ways!  Shooting a daytime show is entirely different from a feature…Entirely different!!!!  There’s a new script every day, maybe a little rehearsal, and then most of the time, one take.  These actors are fabulously trained and brilliant in the development of their characters.  The writers, who deserve all the credit, are brilliant on this show.  Nothing is too absurd, no relationship too unthinkable, nothing is out of the realm of being bold or beautiful and believable at the same time.  I love this show.  Bravo to all of those who inspired it, bring it to life and act it out. My particular role was neither bold nor beautiful, but I’m thrilled to have been a part of this daytime show. I watch every day and I record it so I never miss an episode.  B&B is my treat to myself every day.  My role and story line was not elegant. I played a mother and housewife married to a hard working man accused by his own son of sexual abuse, not exactly the role of a woman generally portrayed in ‘B&B.’ I am proud to have this show in my resume.”

In last year’s, 2013 Creative Arts EMMY Award Ceremony, Ms. Hedren, was welcomed with a standing ovation by the Daytime community, when she arrived at the podium to present the “Stunt Coordination EMMY.”  A particularly meaningful category, Ms. Hedren said,  “As I had to do my own stunts while working on ‘The Birds,’ it gave me great respect for these men and women who do it for a living.“