Jim Timmerman

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Like all of the trustees I have a long history working in and with television. I started working in television during high school in a very small market: Lima, Ohio. I received my Radio-TV-Film degree from Bowling Green State University and was fortunate enough to work at the PBS station there for all four years. I began my professional career at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati working in production. After 25 years there, I began my own production company and became a partner in a satellite truck company. I am very passionate about the power of the industry and the importance of excellence in every aspect of creating television.

As the mass distribution of information, in all forms, becomes more and more common it becomes increasingly important that the producer of the content understands that presentation is key to understanding the message. Professionals who craft messages must use proven techniques otherwise their delivery is lost to our user/viewers amongst the endless pounding of content. These techniques are “time tested” with proven results. Quality and excellence must be built in and not by chance. As an organization devoted to acknowledging excellence we must continue, in every circumstance, to define what quality is and defend it.

For more than forty years it has been my personal challenge to go the extra mile. Creating television and the message is exciting to me. We have an opportunity to change and develop minds and opinion which ultimately moulds society. We must always get it right. Devotion, commitment and loyalty are words that are commonly used by my clients to describe my working relationship. I bring the same enthusiasm to my position as trustee.