Gloria Allred on the Conflicts, Challenges, Concerns & Colorful Characters of Court

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Today we highlight a household name in the field of justice and law and arguably one of the most recognizable names and faces in public defense and litigation to the American public, Ms Gloria Allred.  Prior to the success of her highly acclaimed and EMMY nominated program, “We the People,” Ms. Allred spent 14 years as an award winning radio talk show host on KABC Talk Radio   She has received three EMMY nominations for commentaries that she did for KABC TV Eyewitness News, while making cameo appearances in feature films, such as “Rat Race.”  Despite this hectic schedule and as much as Ms. Allred admits that she “… enjoys the adventure of being able to communicate on television, on radio and in film,” Ms. Allred has dedicated herself to the full time practice of defending victim’s rights as a partner in the law firm of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg.

NATAS: Court room drama’s have become a very important part of Daytime programing.  Has this surprised you, or did you expect the public to respond as positively as they have?

GA: I did expect the public to respond in a positive way to courtroom dramas and court shows.  There is conflict, colorful characters, issues to  be resolved, a beginning middle and end and the shows can be filled with humor, surprises, drama and consequences.  I always enjoyed watching them when I was growing up and I still do.

NATAS:  Were there any specific challenges or concerns to appearing on “We Are The People With Gloria Allred?”

GA: I enjoyed hosting and taping “We the People.”  Most of it was unscripted and I enjoyed the spontaneity of it.  We had a great production team who were very dedicated and I enjoyed working with Byron Allen the Executive Producer.  He was very supportive and extremely creative.

NATAS:  Considering your history of defending the public against discrimination and harassment, is there a particular kind of case you like to see represented in the courtroom of “We The People …”?

GA: No I enjoyed it all.

NATAS: Your daughter, Lisa Bloom, has a successful law practice and occasionally appears on radio and television.  How does this effect Home life? Do you discuss legal topics or is the subject of law avoided?

GA: We do not live together.  However, we see each other frequently and communicate through e-mail.  We do sometimes discuss legal issues in the news and I always enjoy her insight and sense of humor.

We The People: