Doug Mummert

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Doug Mummert is a “baby-boomer” born in Hollywood, California.  He attended Phoenix College and Grand Canyon University. Following a tour in the U.S. military, he joined the Phoenix Fire Department, where currently he is a Division Chief.  He is a founding member of the department’s All Hazards Incident Management Team, an original member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) Team for Arizona. He also serves on the FEMA USAR National Incident Support Team as a Public Information Officer (PIO), and has also served as a PIO for the Phoenix Fire Department.  Doug’s odyssey into television production took off in the early 90’s when he started a production communications business in his spare time. Some of his clients include General Motors, The US Army, Kraft Foods, and many well-known TV and film production companies.

In 1994, Doug moved into the realm of producing, writing, directing, shooting, and editing. This all began with creating safety and training videos for the Phoenix Fire Department. In 1997, he took over the job as managing director of the Phoenix Fire Television Network.  With the help of many, he created the program, Phoenix Fire Works in 1998, which would ultimately fill a void in educating and informing the public about topical Fire Department related issues.  Thanks to an excellent collaborating production team, this program has won critical acclaim and has won or been nominated for many major awards, including the Rocky Mountain Emmy.

In 2001 he was elected to the Board of Governors for the Rocky Mountain/Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. From 2006 to 2010 he was the Alternate National Trustee for the chapter. He currently serves as National Trustee. He is also a past or present member of the Arizona Production Association, International Television Association (ITVA), National Information Officers Association, and the Public Relations Society of America.  In service to the local community, Doug was the long time Arizona State President of the Traveler’s Protective Association, a fraternal, philanthropic group, formed in the 1800’s. Doug enjoys serving as the fire department’s representative for the annual United Way campaign. He enjoys dabbling in travel, social media and many other charitable causes.