Daytime Legacy Remains Firmly Anchored in Her Roots – Lauralee Bell

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There have been many great Daytime pioneers, ground-breakers, legends and icons, but if fans were polled to chose a royal family, odds are very good that The Bells would be the leading contender for coronation. As NATAS approaches the 41st annual Daytime EMMY® Awards, we take a look at one of those royal family members-Lauralee Bell.

Ms. Bell, who made a highly publicized returned to “The Young and the Restless” to tie-up some storylines, that had culminated after 18 years on the series, before her character made a visit to another of the CBS family staples, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” is now a Daytime Emmy Award nominee for “mI promise,” in the Outstanding Special Class Short Format Daytime Program category. She will also be presenting at the Daytime Creative Arts EMMY® Awards celebration on June 20th.

Proving to be a jeweled chip off the ole crown, Bell has created/produced/written/ directed and, on occasion, performs in three diverse webseries. Her latest, “mI promise,” is also a Webby Honoree this year for Online Film and Video: Drama Individual Short or Episode. “Our entire goal was to reach teens, pre-teens and adults about what can happen when you text and drive at the same time,” says Bell. “If we’ve helped to make people consider the consequences by providing a dramatic example, then we accomplished what we set out to do.” Bell admits she’s been “gratified and overwhelmed” by the response and positive feedback she’s received about “mI promise.”

Beginning with her Webby Honoree Family Dinner webseries, Bell and husband Scott Martin served as executive producers. She debuted her celebrity-filled webisodes on the front page of FunnyorDie, Will Ferrell’s industry favorite comedy website. The first two episodes starred the late Phyllis Diller with regulars Dan Cortese, Aaron Lustig and Bell. Cloris Leachman joined for the next two episodes of “Family Dinner,” and the fifth episode starred Shirley Jones with cameos by Jordin Sparks, Richard Marx, Rick Springfield and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers for their biggest episode yet. Bell won a Telly Award for her next webseries, “Just Off Rodeo,” which married entertainment to fashion and a new form of merchandising.

Bell’s daytime foundation has lead to that other career opportunities, such as starring in “Easy Rider: The Ride Back” (a prequel to the iconic film), the lead in the Lifetime movie, “Past Sins,” and the female lead in the feature film, “Carpool Guy,” directed and produced by Corbin Bernsen. In addition, she has guested on “Castle” and “CSI: Miami.” Bell, who grew up on Y&R, emerging from fashion model Cricket to passionate, ultra-competent attorney Christine Blair Williams, says, “Clearly a big part of ‘mI promise’ is about getting involved in the characters so you care enough to listen to the message. My father instilled in me how important getting into the hearts of the audience is and that’s why Daytime will always be such a huge part of my roots.”

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