The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards – Supporting Material

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The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy® Award contest has officially begun.
Here are several documents which will assist in navigating the entry and judging process


General Rules and Procedures (PDF)

  • Outlines what programs can enter, who can enter and judge, how the judging works and the various deadlines associated with the entry and judging process.
  • The PDF has links in the index to assist in navigating the document


By-Category Submission Guide (PDF)

  • This document outlines each category, and includes category descriptions for each, what is required for submission and the deadlines associated with each category.
  • It has been formatted so that you can find all information for a category on a single page.  It has internal links from the index and inside the body of the document to assist in navigating the document to find related categories.
  • You might print the specific category pages that pertain to the categories you are planning to enter.


What’s New (PDF)

  • For returning entrants and judges, this document outlines new categories and any changes to existing categories.


Calendar (PDF)

  •     All Entry and Judging Deadlines, Nominations Announcement Dates and Ceremony Dates


Associated Categories Spreadsheet

  • If you are submitting for a program and also related performer and craft categories, this document will assist in finding the correct available categories