Carol Channing’s Super Bowl Halftime Appearance During Daytime TV

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“Well … The experience was equal to the opening night of ‘Hello Dolly!'” says Carol Channing

You may not know that Carol Channing was the first featured solo artist to appear during a halftime show at Super Bowl IV.  In addition, Miss Channing is also the only artist to have performed at a Super Bowl halftime twice.

The veteran of just about every talk show and numerous game shows took a moment today, while celebrating her 93rd birthday, to tell us about one of her favorite Daytime Television memories.

Recently, Pepsi asked Miss Channing to serenade fan Rory O’Connor, who was in attendance for the famous 1970 halftime show, giving him a twice-in-a-lifetime experience.  “I’m not a sports fan, but I am a fan of sports fans,” says Channing.  “I think I received more attention from my two halftime appearances at the Super Bowl on daytime TV (1970 and 72), than I did for my entire tour of “Hello Dolly!”

This year, Pepsi was not waiting for Super Bowl Sunday to get fans hyped for the halftime show.  “When you boil it down, halftime is a spontaneous celebration that is quintessentially a ‘Live for Now’ moment,” said Lou Arbetter, senior director, Pepsi Productions. “We want fans everywhere to experience that feeling of halftime, while getting ‘Hyped for Halftime’ on Super Bowl Sunday as well.” Pepsi Link available above.

Channing Daytime Trivia – The three time Tony winner, Oscar nominee, Golden Globe winner and recording artist, who bumped the Beatles off the charts, received her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in the category of Television (As opposed to Theatre, Film or Recording), for her work on game shows in Daytime TV. The Star unveiling ceremony was held on November 30, 1977 in front of the Pantages Theatre.

On behalf of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and The Daytime EMMY® Awards – Happy Birthday, Miss. Channing!