Bob Barker Blogs, “She came on down, and they came on out!”

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We had the honor of speaking with the legendary Bob Barker regarding the recent 8,000th episode celebration of “The Price Is Right,” of which Mr. Barker appeared in 6,718 – “Ill have to take your word on that,” remarked Mr. Barker.

The now iconic program, was originally produced by the team of Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, and created by Daytime Lifetime Achievement winner, Bob Stewart.  An original version of the show was hosted by Bill Cullen from 1956 to 1965.  “I had met Bill when we both appeared with our wives on a show called ‘Tattletails,'” says Bob, “However, I never had the pleasure of working with him in any other capacity and I would have enjoyed that very much.”

The Daytime Emmy Awards themselves, began its infancy in 1973, following Bob’s first appearance on “The Price Is Right” in 1972.  “I was thrilled when the Daytime EMMY Awards began.  After 18 years on ‘Truth or Consequences,’ I was finally eligible for an EMMY Award,” remembers Bob.  “However, that first year I was disqualified because the episode submitted for consideration arrived after the deadline. The following year, when I hosted the awards, I got a lot of laughs from the audience using that fact as a reoccurring bit during the show.” Bob would eventually win 19 Daytime EMMY Awards.

With regard to the inevitable subject of favorite moments, Bob says there is one that stands out over all others. “One particular day, a young lady was called up in the first group of contestants.  She was wearing a tank top, and in her excitement, she began jumping up and down as she ran to the front of the audience. As she did so, she fell out … completely.  I was standing off stage, as I had not been introduced yet, and could only hear the laughter and cheers.  As I walked out, the audience was screaming and, at first, I thought it was for me.  I realized that the audience couldn’t have THAT much love for me, and asked what had happened.  Johnny Olson, the greatest announcer of all time, said ‘They have given their all for you.’ We kept that entire experience in the show.  The editors just put a bar across her … front.”