Behind the Scenes & On the Front Line of Daytime – Kathy Hutchins

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WINFREY_OPRAH777.JPG Susan Lucci USA - 2014 Creative Daytime Emmy Awards - Los Angeles
Photo credit: Kathy Hutchins /

The press photographers on the red carpet or arrival line of any gala are not only important for establishing that first air of excitement and glamour, they are also an extremely necessary componant to the success of your event or delivering your message. A properly placed image can bring the desired attention to your program, project, production or non-profit.

Respected photographer, Kathy Hutchins, has been covering Daytime and the Daytime EMMYS since 1990, first in New York City, then in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and back to Los Angeles again. She has seen it all through her lens. When asked about any particular favorite memories or anecdotes she could share about Daytime related events or the Daytime EMMYS, she replied. “When Susan Lucci finally won her Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Daytime Drama (2009) … the press room went nuts, and we all knew we had witnessed a wonderful moment,” Adding, “And most recently, when Lauralee Bell won an Emmy this year (2014), it was a continuation of the legacy of excellence the Bell family have shown over the years, starting with Bill & Lee Bell.”

From her position in the front row of the press line, Kathy has witnessed the change to Daytime coverage over the years. “We used to have over 12 magazines that were soap opera oriented, using a lot of photos every week. Now we have two. So the demand for photos of the soap stars has changed dramatically.” She recalls, “After the OJ Simpson trial, we saw the viewing habits disrupted, and the decline of the soap opera became noticeable. At the same time, I’ve seen the emergence of cable shows and alternate programming that is a lot cheaper to produce, yet, doesn’t have the loyal following of the soap fans. The game shows and talk shows have fewer on air talent, so there are fewer people to photograph when those shows replace soaps. There is an abundance of options, and fewer viewers to watch. Until recently, the people that watch their “soaps” via DVR has not been counted as viewers which is misleading to total viewers. There are many more “online” options with bloggers and websites devoted to soaps, yet mainstream media has moved further away from daytime coverage.”

When most people think of Daytime, their first thought usually revolves around Soaps/Dramas. However, though as vital as the human heart is to the body, they are but a part of an entire system that keeps Daytime alive and healthy including Talk, News, Culinary, Court room, Sports, Game shows and Children’s Programming? “The wonderful moments when Oprah, then Ellen ruled the Talk show categories, and seeing the legends of Game shows through the years has been special,” reflects Kathy.

When looking towards Daytime Television or the Daytime EMMYS future in 5 to 10 years, Kathy expresses “I would love to see the four remaining soap operas still around, with new legends in game shows and talk shows emerging. Ones that embrace the daytime community and support the show, and bring the buzz to get the show back, televised. I see a return to a daytime award show televised during the week, of about two hours featuring the most popular categories.”

Photo credit: Kathy Hutchins /

Susan Lucci Wins Daytine EMMYClip: