Ordering Awards/Replacements

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Awards Ordering notice:

The 2017-2018 Daytime Emmy Awards will be honored  4/27 and 4/29

We will honor the 2017 Sports Emmy Awards on 5/8.

Statues and other awards for each of these competitions will be available later in May once we’ve finished vetting winner’s credit lists. Stay tuned to http://awards.emmyonline.org for further details.

Awards Information:

Over time, the Emmy® statue may become broken or damaged. Broken Statues cannot be repaired because of the way they are made and the materials used; they cannot be welded. Because of the intricacy of the design and skilled work required to make an Emmy®, it is more cost-effective to replace rather than refurbish it.

National Emmy® Awards: awards@emmyonline.tv
Sports, Daytime, News & Documentary, Technology & Engineering, Public & Community Service

Regional Emmy® Awards: awards@emmyonline.tv
Please specify which Region/Chapter your statue is for/from

Primetime Emmy® Awardsawards@televisionacademy.com  

International Emmy® Awards: awardsdept@iemmys.tv

For a National/Regional Emmy® Award please specify the competition, year, category and program in your email.

Moving and Storage:

If you are planning to move or store your National Emmy® statue, we recommend doing so using custom designed boxes that will protect your award from bumps and falls. We also recommend keeping your statue with you during moves as they frequently go missing during such times. Please contact awards@emmyonline.tv for more information.