Ordering Awards/Replacements

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Awards Information:

Over time, the Emmy® statue may become broken or damaged. Broken Statues cannot be repaired because of the way they are made and the materials used; they cannot be welded. Because of the intricacy of the design and skilled work required to make an Emmy®, it is more cost-effective to replace rather than refurbish it.

National Emmy® Awards: awards@emmyonline.tv
Sports, Daytime, News & Documentary, Technology & Engineering, Public & Community Service

Regional Emmy® Awards: awards@emmyonline.tv
Please specify which Region/Chapter your statue is for/from

Primetime Emmy® Awardsawards@televisionacademy.com  

International Emmy® Awards: awardsdept@iemmys.tv

For a National/Regional Emmy® Award please specify the competition, year, category and program in your email.

Moving and Storage:

If you are planning to move or store your National Emmy® statue, we recommend doing so using custom designed boxes that will protect your award from bumps and falls. Please contact awards@emmyonline.tv for more information.