The Award Winning Composer behind the “Wide World of Sports” theme and Other “Songs Of Our Lives”

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American’s hCF3ave been inviting Emmy & Grammy Award winning composer Charles Fox into their homes for years via their television sets.  He’s created many of the greatest theme songs in TV history including Musical scores for popular children’s programming such as “H.R. PufNStuff” and “Lidsville,” as well as sports fans favorite the Monday Night Football theme and quite possibly the most famous sports theme, “The Wide World of Sports.”  Fox has composed for more than 100 motion picture and iconic television scores, is a two time Academy Award nominee, a two-time Emmy and Grammy Award winning composer, has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Smithsonian and is the only artist to have had three TV Songs in the top forty.

When asked about  the inspiration for composing the hit “Wide World of Sports,” Fox remarked “ABC wanted to do a lengthy, Saturday afternoon broadcast of the previous week’s sporting events. I worked to the footage that was put together for the main title of the series, which would later have a voice over announcer proclaiming, “the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.”  That was the premise I worked with to illustrate musically the excitement, the drama, the winning, the losing, the personal victories in sports.  I composed the theme music and conducted a symphonic orchestra in the recording that included a string orchestra as it normally would.  When ABC heard that version, they felt that the strings in the orchestra took away from some of the power they felt that the theme conveyed and the show should have.   I then rerecorded the same identical theme, but in a slightly re-orchestrated form with more brass added and no strings.  That is the version that stayed with the show for its 35 years or so in the same Saturday afternoon time slot.”   That theme has been performed in concert by major orchestras since that time in the original version with a full string orchestra added and has come to be known as the, “WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS THEME”.  A few years later, Fox composed the main title theme for another first time ever series on ABC, the sports fan favorite, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. Wide World of Sports Theme

Fox has had an equally celebrated career in pop music. His signature Grammy winning song, “Killing Me Softly,” continues to be a favorite, generation after generation.  This multi-generational theme can be witnessed in the yearly concerts he produces for The Fulfillment Fund entitled “Songs of Our Lives,” which honors individuals who have given the world a legacy of great music.  “This year the great songs of Lamont Dozier and David Crosby are going to be performed at the “Songs of Our Lives” concert on June 7 at the Wallis Annenberg Performing Arts Center in Beverly Hills,” says Charles.  “Both writers will receive tributes and be honored that evening for their extraordinary contributions to the world of music.  David Crosby will perform his own songs, and Freda Payne as well as Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence (formerly of The Supremes) will perform Lamont Dozier’s songs along with a group singing the songs of the 4 Tops and an orchestra under the direction of Ron Hasley.  Songwriters for numerous genres, including television, listening to the radio in the 60s and influenced by the pop culture of the time, heard and were influenced by the MOTOWN songs and productions of Lamont Dozier, and David Crosby’s folk rock songs of THE BYRDS and later CROSBY STILL AND NASH.  Both of their musical outputs influenced and entertained the decades that followed.”